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The democrats have decided to invite into the house chamber to be seeded for the state of the union address women that were drummed up as i understand it some of them were paid right southern were paid we had a big rich democrats offering money to sleazy lawyers so the sleazy lawyers could offer money to women that would come forward and accused president trump of sexual misconduct in years gone by and that usually works coast you know there's money changing hands and all that stuff well now the democrats dim wits that they are are following president trump's lead actually because they have no regional original ideas no original thoughts whatsoever from hollywood to washington the left as run out of ideas i think that's been well established for some time now but the democrats the democrat leadership planning to invite victims of sexual assault to president trump state of the union address later this month to highlight the issue if they're going to do that they should invite all of their of fundraisers and donors like harvey weinstein and and kevin spacey and bill clinton for that matter and maybe the republicans should invite all the democrats now here invite a roman polanski so it will just leave an empty chair there with a cardboard cutout of roman polanski in handcuffs in an orange jumpsuit roman couldn't make it big democrat because he's on the lam from the law for that old child rape thing uh harvey weinstein put him in the front row kevin spacey put him over there with the democrat the boy's choir or something like that the democrats still have the boy's choir on capitol hill uh i think they do i think so and i should invite bill clinton since the democrats want to play this game now john edwards in there may be anthony wiener will be out of jail one time what do you think anthony antony antony weena oh that's another great story today your that the uh the.

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