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T. two seventy nine seventy nine seventy nine. Now on the t. it's Mattie in a caddy. Here's Matt berry and Michael college. Great. Sterling Sharpe joins us now on Mattie and the caddy we'll see. Is kind of what's you hold on. I don't know whether to take that as a compliment because leaving my golf game or give you this into blowfish. Yeah, who's Hootie Darius. But he doesn't lie on. I know he hates. So he's not who you know my there this year. Yeah, yes. And we how, how many holes we to too because we were announced that the first half. 'cause we got this. No, no. We got in trouble eighty because we were supposed to send out groups really. So we say out of the rain and we weren't supposed to do that, but nobody told us they were like, hey, go. So all right, cou you go and people they kept coming around. We play groups year just had fun. 'cause Mattie and the caddy. Okay. Now you know, my nickname on tour was little hooting really? Yeah, because Billy Andrei. I one hundred pounds lighter and didn't have, hey, weren't we all. And I had a hat on this was ninety eight and the Hilton Head Billy Andrade thought I was Darius. And then all the caddy's from then on Saturday Kabila had good. I get it. So really. Oh, but you know what, though, like I did an event with at got Robert Gamez. Has that event? Yes, I did. His event Darius walked out of a room. I walk into room and some people came up to me and was asking for my autograph as him. Did you son. Now I did in Hilton Head. I got. I'm gonna tell you. I've never told anybody this before other than if he would help me. After a show me and Chris card is brother, and a couple of dudes went out in Hilton Head to a club and they had a limo. So we pull up in the limo. And I had jeans and just the regular t shirt and a hat on. We jump out the limo and go up to the club and as welcome to the club, they're like, nah, and they see me and go, oh yeah, yeah, come on y'all..

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