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It'd be good. I like you know what i'm saying. This territory you. I mean what he's saying is like just make it your own because the character had been ret con so many times and it's he was just encouraging me to again. Trust your instincts and make it your own Also learning improv. From robin williams. What is not even like one of the great actors of all time. I now know but did not know that. Obviously when i was eight years old it just was about being incredibly present again. Going back to your instincts. I think so much of the work that we do is is trying to shut out all the distractions and truly just be present and focus and that going into that meditative state is not what an eight-year-old was aware of but what he was able to bring out of me of just saying the first thing that comes out of the top of your head right like he kept just saying that. Just say the first thing that comes to the top of your head you know and we go forever and ever and average back and forth. And now i'm like was it a little bit of meisner like yo pulling from all these different techniques but i think about it And a lot of the scenes that are in the film with him. I didn't have many scenes with them. But the few scenes i have in the film are all improv. Awhile i mean. I think i had said something about his hairline being receding but instead of saying receiving i said receiving but i was eight. Really know what it was and they thought that was funny. I think they kept it in the film. You know that sort of thing where you just so uninhibited and just free well. I really think that you've been such an exceptional actress for so long At it's been so beautiful to see that sort of realized In lovecraft country. Where you've doing truly so much at once. Each episode is like a different project that you're saying i mean yes or no but the character for sure you know. The writing of me agreeing. The brain of matt rose book. It definitely was a world. That was such a fun playground to play in as an artist. And the thing about me. this being the second project i worked with her on. She just really is so hungry to unearth all the different layers of humanity. I mean the beauty the ugliness the torture the triumph. The love the situ. -ality i mean that's what she's so hungry to explore as an artist which i so appreciate and she pushes you. Sometimes i'd get those scriptures like so how we gonna do this house way like somebody's waves to me and that beautiful challenge that excitement a little bit of fear though it just makes you stretch yourself and let he came to me at a time in my life where i was actually going through so much transition in questioning so many things and there's such a theme in lovecraft country in which you are questioning what is real what is reality. It's quite intentional. To have the audio of james baldwin narrate our road trip. What is reality reality for this person over here folks. Ask me all the time. Sorry i'm gonna tangent but folks asked me all the time about lovecraft country feeling timely and a coming out last year and the uprising. And of course you know. I'm just like wait. Y'all been you now like black folks. Our reality has been this. It's not that lovecraft country is timely. It is that lovecraft country is truthful and honest. It's actually having the audacity to face the ugly truth of america. Which is that's sixteen. Nineteen this has been a reality. It's so yeah it's quite a privilege to have been a part of something that is a special. Thank you so much for being here yet. It's really been great being able to talk to you. Thank.

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