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I know Jeff as expected a whole lot more place I know Jeff as expected a lot more of an impact from the guy who was the definition of an impact player when he was with the Pittsburgh Steelers all in all I'm encouraged from a jet standpoint with the way they were able to draft but I am just very very intrigued to see now moving forward okay how will this offseason lead to the growth the development the maturity of Sam Darnold beat a guy where you say you know what at the end of the third year no matter what happens with the coach we got a quarterback let's continue to build around the you'll not just me it's not a specific amount of wins it's not certain matic touchdowns Amanda your words I think games batter I exam does gonna have another year which he misses you know five or six games that is going to be a major major knock that is going to be something you hear about because it's gonna be a whole lot of second I'll Sam Donald needs to play football because these quarterbacks Philadelphia's hearing course once the dolphins again here at the minute they put you on the field when you have a quarterback who is not out there consistently that hurts maybe that's one reason is the jets prioritize taking a backup quarterback in the forefront even though it's something I would not have done I I'd be more willing and interested to go down the veteran rock the quarterback coach partnership which last year did not live up to the billing in anyway what will look like going into this twenty twenty season it's a big one make no mistake for Adam gays in for Sam Darnold and the other big NFL news will get the markets Goldman a bit we'll get to a trip down memory lane in a bit but the NFL in a week from now is going to be unveiling their schedule and in many cases it's like data NFL schedule I can be able start on time what are we looking at what is the scenario guys all I know is they're unveiling the schedule next week but what came out on Monday that was fascinating to me was the idea of not necessarily starting the season the second week of September that the NFL is considering the idea maybe pushing back the start of their year to the middle of October and that they're already starting to envision may be super ball in the middle of Feb or I for one don't have much of a problem with that idea and even if we were living in a normal world I have to admit kind of like the idea started sees a little bit later September Saturdays and Sundays are great you want to still have college football going early in a perfect world of course not be Kobe ninety world that we live in every great what baseball had their moments like college football have the moment you start your season in mid October and bull you're still going to the mid February and then you do wrap up that season right around presidents day maybe in late February right before the NC double a tournament that is a change if the NFL ever decided move forward this is something like I'm fully on board with pushing the NFL season back a month now in this case I mean this goes for any sports baseball basketball hockey football golf unit I want to back this quickly as possible as soon as everything is safe as soon as we're able to you know do we need to do is country in combating this virus to having testing that we need luck what everybody else I want to see games I'm hurt just like you guys are but down the road still in the NFL season in October get out of it now these crazy stew twenty here on this Tuesday morning which is get warmed up it's J. J. after dark Jaji Stansky right here on the fat eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six get it going how critical year will it be Sam Darnold Adam gates who's got more heat on going into the season the young quarterback or the much maligned head coach will get to a trip down memory lane I think you guys going to like this one we'll get to some giant news involving markets gold lot more draft reaction to general right after this it all starts with just.

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