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When carson wentz came out i said and i'm just a sports caster i said i think he kinda has a chance to be like andrew luck you passed i'm just a sports caster i said that when does shawn watson came out i said i think he's the best quarterback in this draft i think i'd take him and you passed when does shawn kaiser came out who you selected i said i wouldn't draft him his college coach said he's not ready you did when johnny manziel came out i'm a sports caster i said it's going to be a disaster it was drafted him when you kept drafting small quarterback colt mccoy cody kessler johnny manziel in cold weather division i kept saying what are you doing this is why big ben flacco aaron rodgers that's why they work in northern divisions you've got to be big and strong until the ball through wind and hail and baker mayfield is an undersized quarterback who's not that athletic with all sorts of baggage he's a guy that's going to if you watch them in college he's good when everything's right but it's not gonna all be right and this goes back to my sympathy if you pass on sam darnold who isn't undersized who doesn't have baggage who actually has better athletic ability who doesn't say dumb things to blue collar kid with great parents for baker mayfield and it fails and i think it will i have no sympathy it'd be one thing if you drafted carson wentz he had a catastrophic leg injury and never played or you went to shawn watson and he had a catastrophic knee injury and never played.

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