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Video was somebody who really seems awful and quiets at times and somewhat articulate, and obviously smarts and not too high maintenance either, you know, as an athlete and somebody who's lived around worked around other athletes, I felt good but the very basics of the game. Especially in celebrity big brother is your sociability your your social currency in the house, and I just worry that she. He might come off a little bit cold. So that's why didn't care bobsledder front. I know right. She's one of the only one of ten to evil. I here who has been any summer and Winter Olympic so go go go girl. Yeah. Okay. All right in my top half as well. And I felt like I really liked that she knew the game, or at least seemed to know the game, and she already had kind of developed a strategy going in. And I like the fact that she was like I don't want to try and appear to ask Lennox of already thinking of maybe like baking an injury or faking some sort of like just leave. I'm not good at this sort of stuff or whatever. And I felt very confident about that. The only thing is I've heard a lot of stuff about her reputation from the challenge. And also, you know, I already heard about her in the news for like punching someone at a in Avar and getting more money, and whatever. So I was like ooh, same Lolo Jones. Is there another Lolo Jones probably somewhere, right? Are you hoping now? Yeah. I was I was over mistake. Dear God, what am I? Okay. Pick. I pick that. I I do think that this is a pretty much like, you know, this is going to be very random here. I don't know if we have a good sense of how this is going to go down. Okay. Laura, rob, I'll give you this. We I was on twitch the other night, and we did a brand steel simulation of celebrity big brother two and. Yes, spoilers. But Lillo Jones was predicted winners. Steal central ring. Then I feel better about it. Okay. All right. Okay. As we wait for the smoking. True true. It's fake news. She actually was in a fight with these stepdaughter bobsled coach, according to reports. So yeah, not a good look. I knew about that..

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