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Think that's an i think that's a good move i think that's a fair move and i'm glad to see that well and the thing is your sending a threshold between the two buoyed if you really look at it if you look at to read it in the why it's fair hey it's hard could jess you know and that's the thing is people don't talk and you never hear the government you care about well this is coming to add to the debt is not going to add to the debt they never talk about well this is how much we're going to take some people board and not take from people because that's what it is but you know what it's like everything else in our society he has always sugarcoated they always use euphemisms for it instead of going well yeah this is what we're really doing and and just like there with other people have said is to take some some thing from a person when may die simply be cash you can because you can get enough votes and you know you go back and read you know frederic bastiat yeah no whole bunch of the founding fathers if help out it's legalized plunders all his and yes if you are going to plunder a minority which in this case leave him in set the minority even smaller yeah you can get everybody else to vote on it and that's what one of your callers call the us is democracy and that's another fallacy we're not a democracy and what if you go back in history the democracy thing what that is is mop rule and it is or the guy say two walls and looking at his sheep and voting on who gets seat in now i mean seriously because that's what democracy all used involved and always has in history devolve into is and and you look at it the democratic party happens to be better at at dinner republicans suggest it just let me let we're almost as breaking something have to cut shopping tell me what you think about.

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