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The security perimeter. Farragut North Judiciary Square Union station archives are linked. Cemetery. Farragut West McPherson Square, Federal Center capital, South Smithsonian, and Federal Triangle. Trains continue moving past these stops until Friday morning to more stations will close tomorrow, Metro Center and Gallery Place Again. Trains will continue through those stations again through inauguration again with all of our closures downtown, the newest one, causing the big delay first thing this morning, two of them lower 14th not accessible as you leave the freeway. It's blocked all the way up toward L Street North. West and the freeway going westbound. No access to Main Avenue. Exit four. The ramp is blocked with police on scene. They will find accident activity on New York Avenue Outbound after New Jersey Avenue followed police direction. The accident is before North Capitol Street. Now the umpteen closures obviously around the inauguration day closures and parking restrictions around the White House, the National Mall and around the capital. You're gonna find all the numbered streets across basically from the lips to the Capitol closed until further notice. There's a full list at W T o p Dot com in Virginia, Georgetown Pike near Walker Road, the crash 28 in Sterling North bound after Sterling Boulevard. The accident followed police direction There was a crash in Virginia was on 95 South and after the rest area in Dale City, But everything was over on the shoulder. West Market Street in Leesburg remains closed between Loudon Street in South King Street. This scheduled utility work should lift in about a half an hour. No worries. In Maryland. You're good on to 70 95, the BW Parkway. Everybody's moving, well. Silver Diner invites you to do brunch.

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