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What about the top three in league aren't really and we've got a niece in third psg and second close psg absolutely ran away with it all season monaco a top that's that's pretty surprising ready i suppose and all the clubs a threepoint supports his three points separating needs to psg them psg up to monaco monica gameinhand though such just about them holding firm we mentioned clean and pay didn't we at last at paul cost haiti he continues to look amazing for them and psg messed up that we can they lost three points to thirdplaced niece of that didn't do them any favours i'm i'm in a space it probably is monica pierce jadeite both got fairly similar ends to the season and us at three point separates these top two teams i think that's slightly less for monaco to worry about in those closing fixtures and they're still in the champions league two i think that probably would count for them rather than against them in terms of the team and achieving things and being on high monaco on my heavyweights of leaguer my goodness how hard as it to decide who the heavyweight between rome madrid and barcelona we've seen athletico madrid tried to spoil the party in two thousand and ten eleven of course they were champions barcelona trying to retain it roma did a desperately trying to get it back you could argue that rao madrid because they're in the champions league in barcelona on they come out on top but then they have the leading goalscorer messy with thirty three goals in a league it makes ronel those twenty like absolutely nothing doesn't it we were all cheering and we returned to the game after being given a bit of a rest in a in a huge match for them after getting a a a win against valencia which was very lucky by the way now i'm gonna tell you who i think is the heavyweight in illegal and who's going to win it despite being so close so we're now though comes on in the twentyseventh minute over game and just heads in his twenty illegal he's just strolling around like he owns the place which he practically does but then you still have not just messy ahead of him in a top goalscorers but also got.

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