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Of course, you don't wanna call Hispanic Irishman. That was kind of it was a huge full Pau. I think get away with it back in early ninety s you can't be done. Now don't mess around with now pretending so hard to be Hispanic. And then you call him Bob instead of Beto he'll be blowing his cover now. Terrible. I mean, what a terrible full PA. I should have been fired today would be what can we go in retroactively firearm now for an offense from three decades ago? I'm gonna say, yes, okay. Yes. Good triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three and paddle least on Twitter. I actually misspoke about the Cuyler Murray contract that he got from baseball. It's four point six six million. Four million six hundred sixty thousand nine hundred four million six hundred six yes. Four million six hundred sixty thousand dollars. Okay. That's a good bay. Check Want change. to change the story entirely though. Yeah. Sixty thousand not go play baseball for four million. No now, I'm starting to insulted me at four million. Yeah. At four point six, I'm starting to think maybe they're serious something here. I'm playing baseball him. And like I said I'd rather avoid a plan actually linebacker. It's his plan. You know, but who owns the rights to? I think it's Oakland. Yeah. Oakland Athletics, never nine pick of the two thousand eighteen so he's going to report to AirAsia next spring and start his professional career already said. So he's he's decided I guess to go ahead. And still course you would if you're gonna miss out on four point six six million. If you don't so he's got one more game to not get injured. Yeah. Or I guess to to possibly if Oklahoma wins there. I would imagine he's probably taken out a pretty serious insurance policy. But he sadly didn't insurance self against Twitter. Again, you know, it's worth it to keep your your kids completely off of the social media nonsense. I mean is that hard form, I guess, but it's going to be a lot harder. When stuff like this happens to them later on and they're losing jobs or losing out on opportunities, or you know, causing some kind of embarrassment to him later in life. It's just not worth. It's not worth it. Stay anonymous not worth it. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Senator maisy Geraldo of Hawaii she's been pretty prevalent of late. She was speaking out really strongly in the hearing the the hearings for a bread cavenaugh. And now she's informing us as do. I Democrats are so much better than than Republicans. And I think we've all suspected this. It's just so smart. You're just so darn smart as she lets us know in in this wonderful time doing that. And one of the reasons that was so to me at one of our retreats was that we Democrats no so much. No. So we have to kind of tell everybody. How smart we are? We have a tendency jewelery. Very. That's have to tell everybody. How smart, you know? If you're that smart. You don't normally really have to tell people. How smart you are you just show them? Maybe you could do that maisy. Humble humble is what she is. I don't think she was saying that Democrats are smarter than Republicans. I think she was just saying Democrats are smarter than every everyone. I mean, just voters you don't realize this, but we're smarter than you. So you just have to take our word for it. And use check little d and you'll be good streak democrat. We'll take care of the rest, of course. And that is what they believe. That is what Democrats believe. It's wonderful. I it is wonderful to have them show us how to live how to operate into shows..

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