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At least a thirty minute delay. I'm Tom Kaminsky with the new Subaru was sent ground Gerald around New York City this morning, forty degrees. Forty now in Manhattan, the precip is moving out the radar is clearing up nicely. There's more showers coming in later on but some clearing as possible for awhile today. Today's we head for high of forty four to forty eight and the showers redevelop tonight tomorrow variably cloudy, blustery forget about bright sunshine, but temperatures will fall from the forties thirties they will be starting on Thursday, but called the high about thirty five forty in this concert, thirty-three, Yorktown heights, thirty-four and Teaneck and again forty in Manhattan right now. A woman's going to walk free actor being convicted of murder Tennessee has granted clemency to this woman. Sin Toya Brown because she says she was a victim of sex trafficking. When she was just sixteen years old. She's thirty now and the governor of Tennessee Bill Haslam says he will show mercy to this woman who killed a man who picked her up for sex. She said she was afraid for her life. So she killed him. Now, thirty she say, she'll do whatever she can to justify the governor's faith in her and thanked her family further support also supporting her Kim Kardashian, west Rehana and other celebrities they have all rallied to overturn that life sentence. And now to the first criminal case brought against fifty nine year old Kevin Spacey after a string of sexual misconduct allegations CBS's Jamaica, Dunkin was in the Massachusetts courtroom where the Oscar winner was accused of groping an eighteen year old busboy at a bar, and then tuck it the criminal complaint says the alleged victim told authorities Spacey bought him nearly a dozen drinks and then touched his private area. He says he captured it on video using Snapchat. During a recent court hearing one officer was questioned by Spacey's attorney about the video. Shows.

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