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This Monday morning That means it's time for another traffic track with Jack Taylor and the QB traffic center While cruiser trying as hard as they can at times trying to get around us as we sit in traffic if you can be off the roadways that would be very helpful for multiple crews through multiple jurisdictions We're dealing with road closures We're dealing with vehicles that have become stuck blocking ramps Authorities are unseen as quickly as they possibly can and they will close a roadway with virtually no notice to get its open as quickly as they possibly can A number of callers throughout the area saying been sitting for quite some time have no idea why more than likely you've probably got impassable roadway conditions many of the cameras there well a few of them that we can actually see many of them are literally whited out or frozen over of what it was a four or 5 lane road possibly even a two or three lane road down to a single lane getting by Many areas have had the plow trains come through many areas have not had any plows or sand trucks come through as well So what you're dealing with here is a cruise that are trying hard as they possibly can All the jurisdictions basically all came together and said if you can please stay off the roads for the next few hours to let us do our work that is best but they are trying as hard to work around you as well If you have to be out there we know a closure at this point inbound on suitland Parkway I'll try to get to divert onto naylor road Serious crash has the roadway pretty much impassable at one point that was only the left lane blocked the right lane had been getting by So please be very careful a number again of jurisdictions saying please stay off the roadway 50 out of the bay bridge we're dealing with wind restrictions at this point House trailers empty box trailers any vehicle that can't safely cross the bridge will be prohibited Naval support down in Bethesda You're only dealing with the north gate open this morning The other three gates remain closed We'd had traffic paused temporarily three 95 south down near The Pentagon We believe the crash was across the roadway and crews needed to get again sand and salt down on the roadway to make it possible once again If you can avoid travel please do Jack Taylor WTP traffic Okay Mike Jennifer we have been in the intense portion of this storm for maybe a couple of hours now where we headed now I think a couple more hours to go In fact a band of heavy snows just.

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