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Name is membership yeah I'm the founder of the Jewish with society and typically our mission is a very simple way works to preserve celebrate and revitalized Jewish culinary heritage but needs time or they'll be friends and we adjust our mission accordingly so it all started last week when one of our core funders this call using your foundation connect with us and they were aware of the thing credible and forage initiative called ceded the frontlines and white C. basically donate mails to halt the war carries and they suggested that will bring on board our community fusion Israeli restaurant took the court is incredible efforts to get there with these amazing partners we committed to deliver sixty thousand female over the course of the month fifty thousand meals delivered to healthcare workers on the front lines is what you're saying right exactly and you know I think about it as a double needs because core is that were the main goal is to frame the front liners but secondly is to provide meaningful business to our community of restaurants and you know I colony New York institution some of them being around for more than a hundred years and summer in yours but all of them are working so hard every day and been so supportive of the Jewish with societies through that process three years so this is our you know they just throw it away two games Atlantic back it's wonderful how can listeners who want to get involved in this help so just go to Jewish food society dot org slash Donnie and.

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