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I'm longer making the payments on. I don't know what she's trying to say that it make sense. Okay. So you don't do. That snowball. When you're behind on your payments. You don't even start the baby steps when you're behind on your payments? The first thing you do get current. Then once you're current on your payments now that's like two three or four months behind. So like that you're too much behind on rent your car payment that kind of stuff before you start the baby steps, you get current everything you do is you just work to get you just to every dollar. You can milk out of your budget. And the first things you get current on our food shelter, clothing, transportation and utilities so car payment house payment light Bill water. Bill are your first things once you're current on those then you get current on other stuff. You get Koran on secured debts next. Meaning if they have a lean on a boat payment, you get current on that anything that has a lien on it. You get current on things that have a lean on them next. That's a secured debt then unsecured. Debts of the last things you get. Current on, and that's credit cards, and your example gin. And that's what you do. So absolutely. What we're gonna do get Karenin everything. I then we start the baby steps and baby step one thousand dollars a little miniature beginner emergency fund and then baby step two. Is that you need to start your debt snowball at that point. But you don't do that. While you're behind on your payments. That's not how this works. Tara is with us in Denver. Hi, tara. Welcome to the Dave Ramsey show. Thank you happy new year days..

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