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Did you have a question about best character development from the show? So next to you that the Yankees. That's fun. Right otani. Probably deserved it. No. He didn't. There's no fucking way. He's pitched ten games. Yeah. Yeah. Plays ackley. So stupid. He's only comparable to Babe Ruth. But he's not compare. What was he sucks? You'll put Dave. And it's fucking breath is just got this one brand Shay, Georgia Martin said he officially focusing on winds of winter now, but had to throw in that he doesn't know what the hell he will focus on after my questions is do you think he's just actual actually sadistic and torturing us like this or is this the real life red wedding. And with a similar question to kinda ties in it's like, would you rather get the winds of winter this year on Christmas yet to wait till twenty twenty four season eight. Yes, you would you take I wait because there's so many things in the winter winds winter that I want to know right now, I really you know, what I just take this. Tell me that Jon ward inside of ghost. It's you want. That's all I just want to. It's getting it's getting bad, man. I try to like, you know, it's not coming next either. It's you read the interview he did with the guardian. No. I mean, when he talks about these things that he's I mean, I don't know what I'm going to focus on after the Windsor. Winter what dreams spring? It's it's it's it's. Yeah. It's I it's by the game of thrones. Go. I know I know where that is at the point now where I really I don't think well, if you're going to see him, and it's we'll see what's winter. I don't know man, not a finished product. I always always said sporting in like, oh, let them take his time. It's his work. Let him fucking eight years. Dude. Are you serious? He's one of those thinking to why did he do the shell before the books were done because the show never fucking came out been like twenty forty. Stopped making their soup videos that we know nerd soup because we have nothing to talk about. And you see how much shit changes. Yeah. I didn't think about that. Yeah. That is true. You know, George take your time. No. But seriously, why didn't he wait until it's it's weird that he didn't wait until he was done because I think that contributed to it because the show became such a big phenomenon just as I think he he went to those and be this big of a hit you felt the spotlight's like I need to deliver on this shit. I think it's a combination of that too. Where it's there's so much pressure. First of all he he's introduced too much stuff in a dance with dragons. There's too many main characters where it gets to a point where there's we wanna see the story coming to a close every becoming more narrow these characters coming together, but he keeps throwing more shit there. Because I think he does he just be so creative that he's got all these ideas in his head that he wants to get out there. But then he ties himself into a nod, and he can't untie it. It's very difficult. I can relate. Yeah. But I've really I it's it's the success of the show the focus on fire and blood, which I'm going to read in like a couple of days when it comes out. Oh, we see him next week. Take your time. We got your back. We're not all.

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