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Is the exact opposite, and so you know. Ended up leaving there as a the first person in my family to Graduate High School, I'm first person to my Bama to Graduate College. I have three younger brothers three out of four. My Mom's kids are Alcala graduates and my mom went back and got her high school education after I graduated high school, so she warned years to you know, wait tables and clean houses to make ends meet and never met. We lived in project style. We weren't Amazon close, but you know now it's as life has. Has Gotten increasingly better for me. I truly can attribute to that to those around me and so i. just feel like there are a lot of you know. That is bullets out there at both young and old that just need a little bit of hope, a low building xperience gration somebody to tell them that they show them that they love them. And they and they believe in and that's not true purpose in life, and I've always been this way very outspoken bird real that raw because. The minute. The Guy you know Mr Mino- told me that that there's a blessing to be able to reach people and leave people. I took that. You know as you know what I don't have to put on a front for anybody. I am Kuyt and some people accepted in Lebanon. Some people were not and so i. Just grown more and more at forty three years old into being comfortable. Who I doubt. I very blessed to have two very amazing sons as you both. Them and keep me young and an active more important. Keep me keep me close to the best of understanding. How truly blessed we are as a family? I love your story is so inspirational. I don't think I ever knew your full story. I've always known bits and pieces of it, but. I'm such a big believer that God puts people in certain positions, knowing that they can overcome and lead, and their story can help others like you said, give hope and inspire really is incredible. How many lives you touch titus? It's interesting, because so many people ask me like I. Want to do more my community. Where do I start and I actually don't even know what to tell. People have time like Oh, I don't know. Maybe look on websites. Do people come to you a lot and they ask you like. How do I start helping to my community? What do I do? And what do you tell them? Well, the first thing I think everybody wants to help in. In some kind of a high level and some people are very only capable financially and a certain level, but I always tell people you know my first question is what are you passionate about like? Has Anybody in your family ever experienced breast, cancer or habits breast cancer? Do you know any kids that are disabled? Do you know anybody who's ever had to deal with homelessness poverty? And then when they say yes I say well. How did you help them? Out of match them with different organizations that do that type of work if they're passionate about if you find most massage, therapists always ask them massage therapist. When they went out when I found one. That's newer or You know. How long have you known this? And then what brought you into this most massage therapist? Get into because of someone that was in their family, either ailing or these other grandmothers back, but Easter weather dad's nickel bombs neck, or whatever once you realize what type of connection you have with a certain cause or certain issue that you WANNA help tap within the sub to realizing the powered out to make a difference whether you gave somebody one dollar. You gave him one hundred dollars. The heart behind it is what's most important. That's actually such great advice. Advice because. I've always been so when he wants to give back to community, and I'm the same like. Where do I begin, but I never thought of like. Why would you passionate to me? What has gone through who I love her? What is my heart hurt for? So that's such incredible advice and Definitely what brand I really want to just talk about is obviously right now. We are a part of the most amazing part of history to me, and we are all a part of this and I have to say when I saw your video. When you went to the police department. I was so moved by it and everything you've been doing for black lives matter. You've always been an incredible leader, and you've always had an amazing voice and I just. There's something like I. Don't know what it is, but how you speak. Just very untold, but you speak very strong to you. You're able to. Buy You and Brian I have been trying to use more of our platforms to help. Educate and help be more a part of this movement because I mean Breen I like. When we saw a lay in the big march with our friends and family, they're like we want to be a part of all these amazing marches and protests, but you know with popping out babies in a month two months. You know you have to say in but we would just love for all of our listeners snow like how can. Can we educators hosts more. How can we be more part of the Movement What's your advice and tips for all of that? Well I mean first and foremost. You just have to have an understanding of American history. You know not just American history for black folks, ground folks, but also for women to you know this is the only country in America where minorities add truly been oppressed in so many ways, and really when it comes to black brown before still a situation where still systematic racism there still. Institutional. Racism that.

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