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This not with stocks or bonds but with gold and silver coins in ira from augusta precious metals call eight five five eight five eight five eight o7 and learn how an ira backed by physical gold and silver can hedge against inflation call augusta precious metals right now at eight five five eight five eight five eight o7 and get a free gold ira guide call eight five five eight five eight five eight seven the census of plants i'm barbara sean and this is science update the americans are home to one hundred twenty five thousand known species of plants from towering redwood's took tiny duct weeds this accord into a new study in the journal science it describes a new world plant inventory created by an international team of scientists led by missouri botanical gardens curator carmen yeowah we want it to know where the current plan family who are more concentrate that we talked to plant families that already found in america is exactly like assessor but in this case plant the work help scientists see hot spots for biodiversity and identify places most in need of protection other researchers can use the database to locate promising areas in which to find plants would medicinal properties and agricultural potential i'm bob hershon for aaa as the science society wtma i am a mother occupan miller i am a fair i am an artist emma journalist a businesswoman an educator assisted a grandmother an advocate a leader i am a friend i am i am i am i am i am i am i one more than a million people living with hiv and the us we are not.

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