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Out by supplying hops to people see. That's that's great to see. It's always nice to see that you're you know working together. We see it here on the local level of course but when you go up beyond that that you know basically i've heard people say hey. If it wasn't for him his hops. I couldn't have just. I just couldn't made beer. You know. I wouldn't have been able to keep going there so it's craziness. Yeah bruce struggling because of a hop shortage or global pandemic either on the other. We're we're i guess he can't help us out with that so he doesn't have shots he just it was right. Yes you got in with the with the pandemic shots so tear up and sold in two thousand sixteen in you left to start up Up country brewing. Yeah in uptown upcountry ads right. So we have a top roman ashville. We also have another location in bravado north carolina so it was a tough leaving georgia to go build a nashville or i mean what happened there. That kind of make you make that joe. Yes and no. I mean truthfully i had always been in love with asheville at always gone and visited and seeing the burris when i had the opportunity to get involved. In the business in nashville. It was an awesome thing and the town made me feel welcome. it was. it was really nice now. I could be mistaken here. You know how beer rumors go. John so correct me if i'm wrong but before terrapin sold there was actually some talk of a different location in like north or south carolina for terrapin. Is that correct. They were looking at some different stuff. Basically terrapin rented their building and they were getting ready to buy it and just to do due diligence before they bought that they looked around at some other places to see what was available but staying in athens. Sweat made sense. Gotcha yeah because i mean up until two thousand seventeen beer. Laws were pretty restrictive. They were very restrictive. When i moved to asheville and i loaded some kegs of beer in my car and i drive them over to a retail count and unloaded them and i was actually looking over. My shoulder heard the world. Did everything normal. Were you out there. Looking for the revenuers. I think habit. Yeah so that you know. We've heard terrapin abreu lab. Read his at. I think it's truest park park. Yeah and they partner there with the fox brothers of course and because they opened just before. The laws changed here. Those are actually separate locations. Because a brewery at that time couldn't serve food and also couldn't do direct sales so there actually several locations because of that and because the distribution laws even though the beer there's literally only a wall separate in the class walk through. They can't take a cab and carried over that restaurant. It has to go through a distributor. I go into town and come back out. I've always said if you look at the georgia beer laws and the burris that were open. Let's say prior to two or three years ago when things really started to change. They all became larger breweries right. You look at terrapins. Watergate conference everybody. The reason for that was they had no choice. You had to go big go home. You had to get through distribution to be successful. That's the way georgia was set up. Yeah that's how that actually brings up a good point we're going to get into the next segment. We're going to talk about the.

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