President Trump, Venezuela, Elliot Abrams discussed on Joe Walsh


Injuries occur to the shooting of the campus of UNC Charlotte Tuesday. Correspondent Jim Chris reports. Swat officials say there are two confirmed dead four injured in the shooter is now in custody hero the campus of the university of North Carolina at Shirley in. What was the final day of school before final exams suspect in the shooting, but inside his twenty two year old trista, Andrew Terrel? But as well as opposition leader wanna quite oh as called for military and popular uprising against nNcholas. Medeiros government. Many of the top commanders, however remain on the sidelines with civilians and some soldiers taking part in battles against security forces in Caracas. Even with the streetfighting Venezuela's UN ambassador. Several mancado insisted government of President Nicolas Madura has defeated all attempts to create a civil war in Venezuela Elliot Abrams. President Trump special Representative for Venezuela says he was caught a bit off guard by Guido saying the expectation was for major protest marches Wednesday. Followed by several Medeiros key people declaring support for the constitution. Renouncing his leadership. I'm Tim Maguire. Democrats say they've ration- agreement with President Trump to spend to Troy dollars on structure. Congressional democratic leaders emerged from a White House meeting saying they had constructive talks with the president on infrastructure. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi come to one agreement that the agreement would be big and bold and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer explained how big and how old who trillion dollars for infrastructure. He said there was goodwill in the meeting with Mr. Trump. And they'll be meeting again in three weeks to talk more specifics about funding..

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