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When will you be able to go to a meeting where nobody smells like. Hand sanitizer bruno's but we can give you the latest business and financial news fragrance free. Let's tease out. Some of what you just said. Are there tools in the toolbox for the fed. Does that point to the need. For continued monetary support bloomberg radio. The bloomberg business happened bloombergradio dot com realize the mark that this is having on a younger generation bloomberg. The world is listening broadcasting twenty four hours a day and the bloomberg business app. This is bloomberg radio now. A global news update no trespassing signs now. Posted outside the home of brian. Laundries family scott carr reports. The signs went up along the homes perimeter today as media crews continue their stakeout of the property human remains found in florida's carlton nature reserve this week. Were positively identified by police as belonging to the twenty-three-year-old missing fiancee of twenty-two-year-old. Gabby petito police say they're still trying to determine if there's any link between laundry and potatoes death. Police describe laundry as the only person of interest in her strangulation. Death in wyoming. I'm scott carr a senior. Al qaeda leader is dead after a us drone strike us. Central command says the precision strike in syria. Took out abdulhamid muhtar. According to a command spokesman the removal of the senior leader will disrupt the terrorist groups ability to carry out attacks threatening americans. Us allies and innocent civilians an investigation is underway after a prop firearm discharged by actor alec baldwin..

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