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I don't know what else can be said about that i mean what you didn't get to say anything because you are in the whole state wide campaign against proposition one zero three now who has had paul terry brandy come up with ted original expression mr hold by ninety think that was fair to victims put him on hold life that or was fixed metro being the guy who was somewhat abusive way the collision ended my experience and prop one or three which was very extensive i never saw you so my question in the minute we've got left and if you wanna hold we can pick it up on the other side for a minute or two was what was your involvement in prop one or three because i was deeply involved in it and i never saw you it's a fair question and it's it's just outrageous i mean i ran the whole statewide initiative of colorado jobs i debated co state senator rollie heath who was running the the support a prop one or three the more than twenty times i was on just about every network in our state so i just don't know what you're talking about that it's just it's actually an accurate i i didn't make any factual assertions except to tell you what my involvement was and i didn't didn't see there it wasn't supposed to be a gotcha gotta stick your back on hold because we've got five seconds if you want to stick around we'll pick it up on the other side steffan tubbs show seven ten k in us stay with us won that battle royale punch lighten up three zero three six nine six nineteen seventyone brian says bic was victim of a hit job chan cook called in and said now it was the other way around what do you think three zero three six nine six nineteen seventyone you're on seven ten can us cbs news special report a.

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