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Huskies. Komo news. Coming up on KOMO tributes pour in for an old freeway. I'm Brian Calvert. With a nostalgia. And the near death. Reality of the Alaskan way viaduct. No lock zone on the playground. I'm Corwin Hake. Proposed state law says schools should keep the overdose reversal drug handy. I live ABC news at one thirty. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maderas giving US diplomats seventy two hours to leave the country after the White House said it's recognizing Venezuela's opposition leader one guy Dell as the country's leader. Speaking a short time ago, President Trump asked if he's willing to use military action Venezuela's said all options are on the table. The president also said he's not shocked after house speaker Nancy Pelosi said he couldn't give his state of the union address in the house chamber until the government shutdown. Ends Nancy Pelosi. Nancy as I call her. She doesn't want to hear. The truth. And she doesn't want to hear more importantly, the American people have the president calling it quote, a great blotch on America. The president's former lawyer Michael Cohen is postponed is scheduled testimony before congress next month saying his family's threats from the president and his attorney Rudy Giuliani. The president's denied that claim Brian Clark ABC news. Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven good afternoon. Komo news time one thirty one. I'm Taylor van Cise at the top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Your drive to work this morning might have been a lot worse, but the fear that crashes would create a nightmare turned out to be not so bad, Nicole Daniels with the State Department of transportation says a collision on southbound five in Everett and another on northbound four zero five in Renton only added about twenty minutes to the drive was a little heavier than what we've been seeing coming out of Everett. And I think that definitely has something to do with that collision that slow things down. And then the rain always slows things down for some reason too. So. So really just staying engaged in watching those travel times before he hit the road is really important aside from the crashes the drive without highway ninety nine it was only about ten minutes longer than usual today. Now that the Alaskan way viaduct is off limits. Are you feeling maybe a little nostalgic or like me, are you just relieved come most? Brian Calvert has more..

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