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I'm Larry Sharoni. It's seven thirty one CBS news update in the kind of case law enforcement officials say keeps them up at night. A twenty six year old Afghan war veterans charged in a plot to use nail packed pressure. Cooker bombs at a rally in Long Beach, California. US attorney Nick Hannah the complaint charges, Mark Stephen Dominguez. The twenty six year old resident of recedo with a felony offense of providing an attempting to provide material support to terrorists bingo was arrested Friday a day before the planned attack officials say he accepted what he thought was alive bomb from an undercover officer FBI special agent in charge. Ryan young says to Mingo who had recently converted to Islam wanted to retaliate for attacks on Muslims. We believe he was conducting attack to weaken the United States every Talia gifts Americans for what he perceived to be violence incurred by US actions around the world CBS news update. I'm Pam Coulter. KCBS news time seven thirty to Senator Dianne Feinstein plans to reintroduce legislation that would raise the age that a person can buy sell weapons and high capacity munition magazines from eighteen to twenty one. The proposal comes in the wake of a fatal shooting in a synagogue near San Diego over the weekend and nineteen year old suspect with an AR fifteen killed one person and injured three others center. Senator Feinstein says if young to purchase a handgun you shouldn't be able to buy an assault rifle. It's common sense to prevent the sale of deadly assault. Weapons to individuals who are not even allowed to buy a beer. This isn't a fix all Bill. She says, but it closes the gap keeping leap hole in the federal gun safety laws, and she says she hopes the Senate will act on it swiftly under current federal law. An individual is required to be at least twenty one years old in order to legally purchase a handgun. But only eighteen years of age to legally purchase an assault rifle. San Francisco's proposed ban on these cigarette. Sales more proof than a city is becoming a nanny state KCBS. Reporter Tim Ryan tells us that's what the city's small business commission is saying the commission decided on a six one vote to oppose a proposed sales ban. President Stephen Adams saying it's bad for business small neighborhood, grocers of depend on this revenue. In a lot of the markup on this offsets what they sell on bread and milk. In other items, especially in neighborhoods, where there are no grocery stores, and these neighborhood corner markets are the only thing out there in this actually helps with their revenue so they can stay in business to serve their neighborhoods. If the ban introduced in March by a city supervisor in the city attorney's approved it'll be a first such prohibition in the nation. And we'll put some businesses under says Adams if this law passes, they have thirty sixty days to get out of that business. They have inventory their landlords. Don't care that the cities telling you can't selling Mark you're on the hook for that lease e cig opponents say the band would last until the FDA once and for all sides on the issue of safety in San Francisco, Tim Ryan KCBS, a mountain lion. That had been roaming the streets downtown. Santa Rosa early. This morning was located and safely tranquilized by staff of the California Department of fish and wildlife. The big cat had holed up in a landscaped area in front of Macy's. He CBS Jeffrey shout reports from. Downtown Santa Rosa. You don't usually find a mountain lion. Wandering around the downtown business district in Santa Rosa or any city for that matter. But that's what happened here. Number of of.

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