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Me down. Bring it down like I did. Yeah, that's one place. I've never been have you ever been to Salem have you know, I've never been in the North in New York City So eventually I'm going wage to do it cuz they the other house Alison's house is also on the Salem tour. I think it was actually a museum but month, but yeah Ellison's house is on the door too, but the they just saw the by the the Hocus Pocus house and so cool cuz they're still the same. We need to start getting on Groupon and find out how much it's going to cost for us to go experience sailing together at Halloween. You should come up this place for Halloween we have off. So if you record of Lily Dale assembly know, okay, so, you know spiritualism where like people believe that like there are churches all get together and channel spirits and like it's like me it's like spiritualism from like the eighteen hundreds. Like we're even have a seance in The Parlor, you know, and like ectoplasm from a rose and that type of. Well, it's an entire Community. You have to be a registered medium to live there and it's kind of like it reminds me of if like Practical Magic if thoughts aren't all had an entire group of people just like them and they all like had a little town together. This would be Lily Dale assembly. So you got to come up here for Halloween sometime cuz we're going to go up there and trick-or-treat. I think this year. It's pretty cool. And it's open like during the it's open during the summer and you can go like and there's different things. There's not a torium and there's it's like its own little Hamlet back in the woods of Cassadaga New York. It's so weird. But yeah, it's cool. You gotta come up here for Halloween bath. I'll go get a reading and it's cool. It's all like Victorian houses and they have like a temple or a an altar out in the woods from you know, Peggy type people to enjoy and it's just cool. It's just a cool place. So official review she thumbs up for Hocus Pocus. Yeah God. Yeah this I I loved it thousand percent with you. You have not seen Rocky Horror either have you know tried looking dog? Not like I've seen I've seen bits and pieces because the last time I saw it on TV, I was flipping channels back and forth and not There was a big the kids were, you know, running around the living room and stuff. So when they weren't in the room that we flip it back on. He was sickening Sweet Transvestite and Michael walked in the room and was you know dancing and my husband came up and he's like dead. Where are you watching that with? It is inappropriate. My kids have seen it. I'm not even gonna lie. I could have seen it and they enjoy it. They think it's great. That's great. I'm probably doing permanent damage. There's a there was a theater pre And I still never went yeah, but eventually I'm going to well what's cool about it? Yeah, you have to because what's cool about it is there's like audience participation lines and you there's certain times where like you throw the rice or you throw the toilet paper? Oh my God, you suck. Oh, you gotta go. It'll change your life once once Cove it is done and it opens again. Yeah, I want to go movies that like because I loved him Carrie. So I need to see it off. Yeah, and you have a list of things for me to watch you. Don't you? We're going to kind of turn October into Halloween month because that's how I like to roll..

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