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When we left off the baker's selfish ill-tempered daughter Phoebe had taken over her kind generous mothers bake shop? On the first day running the bakery an old hunched woman ragged cloak cain begging and convinced phoebe to Baker. And it's bitsy ball of dough the size of a plum. phoebe expected the tiny pellet of Joe to burn immediately but when she opened the door of the oven in the back of the bakery. What did she find but a regular sized loaf of bread puffy fluffy and Golden Brown as the old woman stood patiently at the counter? Waiting for bread. phoebe was kneeling in front of the oven and stroking her chin. I don't know what's going on here but surely that beggar woman doesn't deserve such a big gorgeous loaf of bread. No I'll sell this loaf tomorrow and make some good money. I'm not giving it away for free just then from the front of the shop. The old woman called out to Phoebe Miss. Are you all right. Back is the bread. Ready phoebe selfish mind raced. Actually it looks like I opened the door too soon. The bread still needs more time in the yeah oven. I'm going to let it sit a little while longer. Thanks for your patience without missing a beat. phoebe pulled the low from the oven and hid in a cupboard then. She grabbed another ball of dough from a tray on the baking racks. This ball even it. T- bit easier than the first about the size of Cherry. There's there's no way a ball of dough. This small will expand like the first one did once. It's done baking. I'll give it to the old woman and send her on her way. Hi Fi beyond. The woman waited another hour but the minute. phoebe smelled bread baking and squatted down to open the oven door. Her mouth fell open. For what should she see inside but another Golden Brown loaf. This one won twice as big as the one she had hidden in the cupboard. Okay this is just plain nuts. The second ball of dough was even smaller than the first one getting baked into a loaf of bread twice as big what gives phoebe scratched her head. I don't know what's going on here but I do. Who knows this if this loaf is twice as big I can sell it for twice as much which means even more money for me? Who who miss what's happening back there a hugh laughing again? phoebe thought fast. You know believe it or not. The dose still isn't done begging. I guess it needs even more time. It shouldn't be much longer quick as a wink. phoebe yanked the low from the oven and shoved it into the cupboard with the I love then. She plucked yet another ball of dough from a tray on the baking racks rex. This one even Punio than the first two seriously it was no bigger than a P. Okay this ball is so super tiny. It couldn't possibly expand like the others. Did I'll bake it. Give it to the old woman then go home but the moment phoebe smelled bread baking and pulled open the oven door. Can you guess what happened. That's right she saw yet another Golden Brown loaf only this one was even bigger than the first two. It was so big in fact it was practically bursting from the oven. This bread is absolutely beautiful. It may have come from a ball of dough no bigger than a p but it's going to make me fortune tomorrow of Fortune as S.. phoebe laughed to herself. Old Woman called out to her again. Miss I'm no Baker but surely the bread is ready by now. Why do you keep laughing? phoebe stopped laughing and took a deep breath. She plastered on a smile and sauntered to the front of the shop. Listen I'm so sorry lady but in the end I baked your bread for far art to long by the time I open the oven door. The DOE was burnt to a crisp absolutely scorched. Now if you'll excuse me I have a shop to close. She rubbed her hands together. Something tells me tomorrow is going to be a big day to who it has doubled over in laughter. You'd think the beggar woman would finally give up and hobbled off into the night right. Well will. That's not what she did at all instead. The woman clutched her rickety wooden came and took a few shoveling shuffling steps in phoebe direction. So my bread was burnt. Timmy Oven and you have I have to say about it. Is the Baker's daughter was hooting and howling so hard she didn't answer so if that's all you have to say that's all you'll ever say and have. The woman lifted her caney air and tapped phoebe gently on the head. All of a sudden the baker's daughter was was gone in her place was an owl the feathery bird frantically flapped its wings and began consumer around the knocking over dishes and dumping into walls as the owls scrambled about the room. The old woman correct to the French door. Dr Swung it wide open after much. zigging and zagging Powell finally found its way out of the bakery and collided into dark of the night. Who all the while Now it's your turn. Think about the last time you help someone and and did something kind. Then find some paper and something to draw with a picture of you helping that person. Sure that picture with someone you love. And if you want to share it with US ask a grownup to take a photo of your artwork and email it to circle round at WBZ.

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