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You sit down with more smartvestor pros and lay that game plan out but i want you to just lay down that budget hold on kelly's going to pick up we're going to give you a copy of the book the legacy journey and again when i'm working with people that are making a ton of money or that have done a great job building a pile of wealth like you have we always wanted just go back to that basic premise believe it or not it's actually what we teach five year old teach them four things about money work give safe and spend and you know it's funny that one more fifty five we still need to work give save and spend but most of us will do too much of one of them most americans do too much with simply spending that's simple almost always you hear people to get out of debt calling in here that they worked more the lady on just a few months ago work more that was her deal and she doubled her income and david he he's been steady he's predictable hundred thousand dollar income these worth two million dollars pretty impressive twenty two years by the way that makes him an everyday millionaire when we do every day megan earth email says people like david they call in and you know sit down with your smartvestor pro have a plan when you're thinking about investing a lot of people in home too young i can get to that later david oh i'm too old number two you're breathing you still have a chance now i'm here to tell you you can do this stuff and david just told you follow you can do this stuff and i just told him sit down with the smartvestor pro and they'll lay this out on how to do what you want done and you know how to reach this point of being an everyday millionaire or two millionaire or whatever and just click smartvestor at daveramsey dot com put in your information it'll drop down a list of the smartvestor pros in your area bone.

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