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Thousand eighty okay okay XXY FM ninety six point one to Oklahoma City this series of death chamber missense governor Kevin state Attorney General Mike hunter in Oklahoma department of corrections director Scott crow say the state will resume executions using a three drug lethal injection protocol officials say the state is obtained a supply of those drugs executions were halted after a botched lethal injection in twenty fourteen the love did invade riding on the Gurney drug mix ups in twenty fifteen which the wrongly filled drugs were delivered ACLU of Oklahoma director Ryan Kiesel says given the state's repeated failures in carrying out executions and the government's refusal to share information it's just common sense that we should not trust the government with this awesome and irrevocable power he says there is simply no humane way for the government to kill its people he says Oklahoma's experiment with the death penalty is a miserable and grisly failure the national model would be displayed on all state buildings if call my house speaker Charles McCall gets his way Jacqueline Scott reports house bill thirty eight seventeen would require the office of management and enterprise services to display in god we trust in a prominent place in all state buildings except for those owned by school district the size and placement of the phrase would match cal the motto is displayed in the U. S. capitol visitor center the group American atheists is criticizing the proposal and says it would be exclusionary to people with diverse religious beliefs McCall says he does not intend for the bill to be a religious statement in god we trust has been the national motto since nineteen fifty six hi Margot Maranda in other news it's been a deadly flu season Megan bishop has details state health officials now say some thirty Oklahomans have died from flu this season the Oklahoma state department of health says two hundred and forty five residents were recently hospitalized for flu related symptoms that brings the total number of hospitalizations this season alone to nearly seventeen hundred people health experts say the best way to avoid the flu is to get the flu shot that it's not too late a pet hero in Oklahoma City a man who ran back inside his burning house to rescue is pets late last night treated at a hospital for smoke inhalation the fire happened near northwest at sixty third and may no other injuries were reported a Midwest city man suspected of killing his father and threatening to other family members is charged with first degree murder and two counts of pointing.

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