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Boxer an amphibious assault ship took defensive action today against Iranian drone in the strait of Hormuz drone was immediately destroyed this is the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran against vessels operating in international waters president says the drawing came within a thousand yards of the navy warship in said a number of calls to stand down were ignored USS boxer just now moved into the strait of four moves it is the U. S. way to respond to a man claiming it sees the smuggling ship according to reports this week the US military is trying to set up a maritime coalition to operate in the golf in order to prevent attacks by Iran or a running back proxies on oil tankers for now the US is taking unilateral military steps after the Iranians announced Thursday they've seized a tanker with twelve crew members accused of smuggling two hundred and twenty thousand gallons of fuel running state TV announced the seizure of the oil tanker and said it was actually taken in on Sunday the time I does a line with the disappearance of a UAE based oil tanker into running waters but it's unclear if they're running to referring to the same ship interessante yanked fox news you may hear gunshots in downtown Denver tonight the police will be calibrating and testing a system that can detect where gun shots are coming from gencon or technology was rolled on some Denver neighborhoods over the last four years in that time the technology has allowed police to make two hundred twenty arrests and take one hundred and seventy three firearms off the streets now it's coming to downtown Denver police chief Paul pays and says tonight's tests require shots to be far though utilize several different calibers of weapons they'll be shot into safe bullet trap a shot spotter system is installed on building groups and can instantly detect were shot came from with accuracy police say down the five feet jury belt K. away newsradio tomorrow the Rockies are in New York to play the Yankees are pre game coverage starts at four twenty five first pitch at five oh five the Dow closing up today two and a half points the S. and P. five hundred gained nearly eleven and the nasdaq up twenty two our next update at two thirty I'm Susan what Kim K. we newsradio eight fifty AM and ninety.

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