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Com. 45 cash dot com Few owners Maldon New Jersey 1.5 Instant weather looking went for Sunday colder on Monday. The most clear sky for tonight. Those drop down mid to upper thirties low thirties North Jersey, low forties for the shore. Mostly cloudy Sunday. Some showers right for the afternoon and evening. We're breezy and warmer highs, upper fifties or sixties, much colder and gusty on Monday under mostly sunny sky High's 12 for forties thatyou jersey 1.5. It's whether I'm address top work under a full moon, which is a rarity for Halloween. It's been many years since we had one end the second full moon of this month, so it's called a blue moon. Neptune 44 Pompton Plains, a chilly 37 Hambleton 43 fast traffic and instant whether every 15 minutes on New Jersey 101.5. Knights. What Don't Don't Don't New Jersey Chime time is 7 48. I am Bob O'Brien along with you and a little bit later on tonight. Of course, after 11 o'clock, you know, both of the jackpots are big Powerball is $127.

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