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Guaranteed. W T. O P at 1 35 a couple of developing stories to tell you about coming a month after the death of George Floyd. The Minneapolis City Council has voted unanimously to advance a plan. That could one day do away with that city's Police Department Council voting today in favor of a of a proposal to amend the city's charter to replace the current department with a so called Department of Community Safety and Violence prevention. It would prioritize a holistic and public health oriented approach to policing. Many more obstacles remain for that proposal to make it onto the November ballot, or Minneapolis voters would have the final saying. And out of Richmond today. New developments with Virginia's House speaker Eileen Filler Corn Planning Committee hearings focused on statewide police reform, She says those special hearings will take place two in July and August. Governor Northam has already is expected rather to call a special legislative session of the General Assembly in August. The initial purpose of that session was to focus on the economic impact of the Corona virus. It is brought now to include a focus on criminal justice reform as well. In Montgomery County, the head of the police union has hope for a plan that would change the way that officers offer outside audits of the department and a task force for oversight or part of Montgomery County Executive Mark Eldridge is re imagined. Public Safety Plan Fraternal Order of police for Montgomery County President Torrey Cook is hopeful the conversations will be a step to move things back to the way they were when he became an officer. There was a clear direction back in the early nineties, when I first started With community policing, and we need to get back to that clear direction. The plan would also stop officers from responding to some calls by funding Social service responses to those with mental health or substance use problems. Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones hopes those officers can then do other work to serve the community. But Eldritch wants to use money from the police budget to fund some of those Social service needs. Michelle Morello w T o P News It's 1 37.

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