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Up your marketing knowledge with your instructors. Neil Patel and Eric Su. Hey Margie school listeners. I have an interesting stat for you. Did you know that Walmart improved their conversion rate by two percent for every second that improved their low time in other words website speed helps with conversions in addition to that google uses it to determine where your site ranks in their index so the fastener website loads the higher? You'll rink for that reason. I want to talk to you today. About a company called Dream House dream. Hose powers the web with fast websites and superior customer service brought to you by team of web experts or super committed to your success online. We've worked with them. To a special offer just remarking school listeners. All you have to do is go to dream. Host DOT COM slash marking school to learn more and get your website online today. Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm Neil Patel and today we're GonNa talk about five ways to learn from your competitors and shortcut your marketing success so I'll go with number one. I I talked about this. I believe maybe less two episodes but I do want to bring it up because it's fresh and actually got to play with the tool for the first time today. And so. The tour Spark Torah that's S. P. A. R. K. T. O. R. O. And the reason I sparked Toro is if you think about Chet Holmes Dream one hundred concept which is basically. If I want to promote my book. I'm GonNa go find top one hundred podcast in gaming for example. Okay that's my dream. One hundred for the PODCAST THAT. I'M GONNA find a dream. One hundred four youtube right so this dream one hundred concept was kind of coined by him and then Russell Brunson from click funnels kind of made a dream one hundred four different categories. Now what's beautiful? About Spark Toro is instead of you having to manually find all the influencers all the partners that you might attention WanNa work with you can just use spark twirl and you get five free searches a month and you can just find some key words by the way you can find a bunch of people and from there. You can basically decide okay. I'm going to try to work with these people reach out to these people and you're going to leverage the audience that they already have to help you get to where you WANNA go. That's number one. The second thing that I would do is go look at your competitors and see which one is running a continuing modifying. Their design built with is a website. That tells you if someone's using AB testing software alike optimize VW or hot jar. Crazy or anything like that and what you want to end up doing is seeing what changes are making because almost continue making changes and they're using these softwares that means tracking to make sure that the changes they're making in their design and copy is boosting sales revenue conversions. So I like doing is using way back. Machine Way. Back machine shows me the variations of their pages that they've been using and how their design and copy has evolved over time. And then what I like doing is learning from that. Because if they're using the conversion software you know that the changes that are making tend to be increasing conversions so learned from that and I should give you on what direction you should be going with your business to start getting more sales more conversions faster versus having to do all the learnings that they already did the third one. This seems like a dust. Amen but facebook Ad Library has been great. I mean to be able to see when your competitors are putting up new ads and how long they been running those ads for what type of ad copy they're using chances are if they've been running ads for a very long time there either a stupid or be. They has been working really well right. It's it's was the time it's one or the other and they're probably not number one if they've concept been spending a ton of money and so facebook our library. I like to use it. Not only look a competitor's withdrawn stations that I could potentially swipe because when you're writing copy or when you're writing at any type of advertising you ultimately looking for copy you're looking for some type of structure that you can pull from and then ultimately make it your own number four look one thing that all your competition's doing online and I don't understand. Why people do this people go on. Podcast interviews and talk about their business the revenue. What's causing it to grow failures. They had and they're spilling all their beans like one podcast that I listen to a lot on the enough is leveling up another one Nathan Laco and when you look at these podcast you know? I'm not mentioning Eric's leveling up because he's my Kohl's marketing school. It honestly is good and a lot of my competitors have been on his podcast or people in similar industries. They talk about what's working for them. What's failed and their strategies? And they're spilling their beans and a lot of them do brag. And what's cool about for me as a marketer is I'm able to learn from it and avoid their pitfalls and failures so that way I can grow faster so make sure you search for your competitors and add the word revenue at the end or podcasts at the end. And you'll find that the reveal a lot of articles or podcast episodes breaking down how they're doing on what you can learn from them to grow faster. Yeah Nathan. Lack has podcast Larry's because he forces the revenue out of them and if they don't give the revenue he basically like extrapolates to math which is pretty simple. I usually they're like. Oh yeah you know. It's roughly that anyway. I digress so number five. Last Finale Hillary to my last recommendation so last one was phased out library. But most people don't know that you can use software such as at beat and you can look at what type of ads people running on Google for example Google display network. You can look at how they're spend his trending over time. What their top. Ads are and again as a advertiser as a copywriter. Your job is to have a swipe file like a library of ad copy or adds that you like and then from there you just restructure to whatever you're trying to do because if the ad worked on you then you should be thinking about okay. Why did that work me and how it might potentially work if you basically restructured a little bit and tailored it towards your audience right so that is it for today go to marketing school dot? Io Slash school if you want to get on the waiting list for the education program that we're working on and we'll see you tomorrow. We appreciate you joining us for this session of Marketing School..

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