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It's it's entertaining to at the very least to say okay you can't tell me that you don't enjoy watching all this chaos and sue all right but nonetheless all right now we're gonna move over to the soccer world where it's still pretty popular and social media side but on the less we're talking about zindedine sadan real madrid manager former real madrid manager called a press conference today and shockingly announced that he'd be resigning okay i don't think i've fully grasped him resigning yet i mean it's it's it's a bowl it's not a bold move to shocking move but nonetheless i think i understand why he's done it okay during his time with madrid he's one of the league title he's won three championship titles and a bunch of others okay he's been fairly successful i'd say with real madrid all right and let's let's give a overlook overview on real madrid the way they deal with their managers okay other than the mexican national team job i'd say that coaching real madrid is probably the one with the least amount of job security the mexican national team because i mean you don't beat jamaica whatever in konkan have cloth qualifying you will get fired it is ridiculous how often they threw managers all right but then the less real madrid is also one where the expectations are yeah the expectations are one where it's basically you're winning every year okay enza done is kind of set someone real expectations for next season if you were to be going back given that i said he's won three champions league three straight all right which is ridiculous why would you put yourself under that pressure rather than leaving on your own terms and leaving as a highly regarded manager in the world especially with real madrid all right in this kind of does open the door for him coming back also all right i've seen that the don wants the france managerial job and i mean who wouldn't that's a lot of talent there to deal with okay and obviously he wants to move onto other challenges and we kinda saw this when pep forty i'll gordon all left barcelona okay it's not like barcelona were terrible so they had to get rid of pep no is just pet one way too much in eventually as odd as it may sound winning does get old.

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