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Previous story the ultimate foe which featured sabalan glitz and also directed some other episodes including the happiness patrol in silver nemesis. The twenty fifth anniversary story. Which have yet to talk about here on the podcast. So that's three stories. We still need to talk about here so plenty of stories. Plenty doctor who left to talk about. This is the fourth serial of season. Twenty four thousand. Nine hundred starring of course investor mccoy as the seventh doctor bonnie langford in her impressive lungs when it comes to screaming as melanie mel bush in her final story and sophie aldred of course as dorothy a smith. Shane making your debut gas. The time holly you already mentioned Sabalan glitz so. Let's talk about tony selby. A little bit. He was in the prehistoric. He was introduced in the mysterious planet. The very first story arc and try all the time lord season twenty three cone baker's final season and he turned up again at the end of the season in the ultimate foe reprising glitz and notably. Jesse might find this very interesting. He was actually in the original christopher. Reeve superman movie from nineteen seventy eight as one of the hoods during the bank robbers who escaped on a boat and head out to sea shirker head out into lake metropolis or whatever it was and if you're looking for him he's the one who's counting the money flipping through the dollar bills before superman shows up to stop them. So keep your eyes out. You might want to go back right now. Well at least after you listen to our podcast right now. I can't stop right now. We have to talk about the episode. We do have to talk about the episode. But you know you're going to want to go back and seek limits for that. You know brief. Three seconds of screen time in superman movie. All right had edward peel. As came patricia quinn as balaj is and she actually turned up in another civil esther mccoy story but this time for big finish audio. She played queen anglia in the big finish audio bang. Bang a boom okay. I've never heard that one. But it is stained. Do you remember that one. Yeah it's like american idol or american guts. America has talent in space. I think it was kind of like a doctor who version of the eurovision song contest. If i'm not mistaken but yeah kind of like a talent show type. Setting right yeah. Did you enjoy that one ali. I did i did. I enjoyed it. Okay and she also most notably for a lot of older fans like yours truly older geeks. At least she played magenta in the rocky horror picture. Show the movie. That's a significant credit. Yeah isn't it s. So let's do the time warp again because hey we're in doctor who right. And she was also the movie money pythons the meaning of life so i thought that was pretty cool headed mentioned that we had tonia soba as krakauer her fellow disgruntled co worker working for came and he was in a tom baker story destiny of the dialects as lan and then he turned up decades later in the peter. Capaldi era as duke in. Kill the mood. So he's got a four seven twelve connection if you're counting doctors for him in the bingo card card. Exactly yes the doctor who bingo card..

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