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And then most of the rest of southeastern Wisconsin under a winter weather advisory. The colonies under the warning will pick up about 4 to 9 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon walkie between five and six. Higher amounts toward the state line. Racine, Kenosha and possibly even into Walworth coming most of southeastern Wisconsin, I'll pick up a good 2 to 5 inches of snow. But once again those areas from Milwaukee, Kenosha will Seymour than that, In addition to the snow, gusty winds out of the northeast at 25 to 35, MPH blowing and drifting snow, poor visibility and, of course, the nasty windchills Tuesday high temperatures around 30 degrees then mostly cloudy on Wednesday. Upper twenties. Thursday. Mostly cloudy and temperatures once again right around 30 degrees. Next chance of snow for the weekend. I'm meteorologist Brian Goddard, with Storm team forecast on WTMJ right now in Madison 21 degrees in Green Bay. 20 Walking shot 23 in Milwaukee, 28 at 3 13. American for John John's under the weather. Hopefully he is back tomorrow. Melissa off today, so Tony bedrock in his place. The rest of the crew is here, though. Debbie's got the roads Greg is handling sports Nick. Of course, keeping us on track tomorrow is gonna be kind of Ah, mess. Got a lot of weather starting tonight at 9 P.m.. We have winter storm warning for the Southern counties Milwaukee To the South. So, according to Brian, is Nancy in the gutter and those guys, maybe six plus inches to the south and could even see a little bit more if we get some lake effect. Snow, So it seems like it's all dependent on the lake, effective Dow store. Just kind of get it dusted. We'll see. We'll catch up with God or a few times extra Taejin today, just to make sure that we have an idea of what the timeline looks like. A lot of this is gonna happen. Overnight. So we have the snow, of course. And of course, we have.

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