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Corner kick McDevitt law firm. We are In your corner. Very honest. Play from Mickey. Galina was dragged down by the shoulder after he made his way well inside the 18 yard box stayed on his feet. Look to get that cross. Flash shot away in the end as you said Sebastian Andersson with the right foot a corner kick. Jimmy offers up Anderson sends it in. Then the header goes over the crossbar and out for a goal kick. That was Jimmy offered, Captain coming all the way forward from the back, got his head on it, but just couldn't Keep better doubt. Football in once again from smashing Anderson is the switchbacks of Change their identity from some of these set pieces going along from these corners, time and time again here this evening. Mahoney came up to defend that pass. It goes off of them and out. So be a throwing on the near side for soba, Wally. So voila looking downfield. It's held up there by Douglas Martinez. He loses it out. Quick throwing for the switchbacks. Here's Haji Barry to Jose Torrents retreats and plays it back to Michael Edwards and now taken away by we an Now a collision and the referee says play on as we hand is the guilty party here. And the threat the coaching staff for the switchbacks happy about letting them play on Here's Galina. Trying to keep it in play he does keeping employed brings it to out in front. Here's a shock for Jose Torres. Alina just left of form and Torrez put way too much through. It ends up going over the crossbar and out. I think Galina thought that that ball was going to get ruled out on the end line, and that's why he slowed just a bed. But ended up still giving a nice service to Jose Torres, who couldn't quite find the back of the net would have been his first goal as a member of the switchbacks now long clearance down field. I do snap. All rolling into the ever loving arms or the ever loving feet of Sean Melvin. He'll play to the near side for Matt Mahoney Mahoney, pushing it up the near side of the field. Over to Galina. PCI Galina back to Mahoney. Mahoney. That's a defender. Run by him passes the end of the circle here for Michael Edwards. Warm burner to the near side for Galina. Galina. Nice, overlapping run here by Jose Torres gets it to him at the corner of the 18 right back to Galina. Galina. Thought about it. Yeah, I thought about it tried to bring it to the top of the box and could not, And now a switchbacks player is brought down as Stephen Echeverria, but the referee says no as Saucedo. Ran through him on that one. And now Beverly Maki Gila trailing from behind. It's a whistle and a foul called on him. McConville a perhaps lucky not to see a yellow card. That professional foul holding up the counterattack from the real monarchs. It was Sam Brown, the Central midfield captain of the Monarchs. Young man who competed with the Crimson of Harvard. Switchbacks back in their defensive shape. Now it's been all switchbacks last few minutes. Michi Galina very heavily involved. 55th minute switchbacks with the 31 lead. Sebastian Andersson will play back to Sean Melvin after winning possession. Melvin long kick downfield. Headed first by the Monarchs. Takes a hop on the far side in its controlled over there. As the switchbacks look to defend tapped out by Anderson. Thrown from the far side of the field..

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