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Ohio and it seems like there's something with great. Nfl players going out to arizona to finish their careers in the desert. We saw emmitt smith through it. We saw adrian. James do that. We saw kurt warner do it. We saw alan fanta. All these great players do it before they went on to can ohio. Jj watt will be the latest one. Who goes to finish his career presumably in arizona before he finds his way to ken ohio. Jj watt was obviously the big news over the weekend but there hasn't been a lot of news because we're still waiting for the salary cap and so that is enabled me to decompress. What ordinarily would be a time. I would have been at the combine me and other people. The last week in february is time. We're usually the entire. Nfl universe pro personnel departments. Coaching staff front offices players agents reporters. Everybody is in indianapolis. I've gone in indianapolis the last week in february first week of march whatever it may be every single year since nineteen ninety three so this would have been my twenty eighth or twenty ninth straight common. I've probably spent more time in indianapolis that i have any other. Nfl city that have lived in to get a chance to go this weekend because obviously the combine doesn't exist because of what we're all going through a living through at this current time show as opposed to being indianapolis and meeting with all sorts of people having coffee with them and breakfast and lunch. Which i love. It's always a great treat privilege and honor to be able to me with a lot of these people. I was home of the weekend and there was more time on my hands. The next had a we periodically on the adam schefter. Podcasts have issued television recommendations. I think we need the tiger woods documentary on. Hbo max which was outstanding. Well on friday night were home. My wife and i and i was on the phone with somebody i said. Hey give me a tv special stream this weekend. Gimme a tv series that we should be watching and the guy said your.

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