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We show up. And what always happens is other comics come up to say hi to me, and then I have to be like, this is Mark, hey, Mark meets so-and-so comic comic Markelle. No, I'm not a comic. They immediately about-face back to me and just talk directly to me. Don't talk to the guy now. I've had a guy, be cool with it and be like, that's fine. I'll make my own time. I'll go around comeback very rare. Most of the time I had one guy once told me that he never wanted to be my plus one again because teachers felt invisible. Meanwhile, I've been to a work function with you and your job, and I can stand by your side and look nice until punny stories about how clever you are, but you can't be my partner. You know what I mean? Problem. The problem. I know exactly, but that's a problem with them. Right. But it's a problem for me that I'm wasting a lot of time with people who ultimately where we end up is you're comfortable with the fact that I have a lot of male friends with the fact that I spend a lot of time with them at night when the fact that they're all funnier than you. Right. So I think that that like people would have problems with mail fund. Yes, man. And I have. Men almond think they're funny every single fucking one on the face of the planet thinks that they're funny. And so, and they really, really. Honestly thing that if they had wanted to, they could be on that grow grow. That's exactly why they can heckle. They don't know if they can be a doctor. They don't go around the pumping the chest every now getting. But everybody on earth is like, I'm at work to tell the joke for fun. They don't cook up a frame for fun. So even worse than the one that throws a hissy fit about being ordered is the one who just will not stop trying to compete with the professional around him and you're just like. That's an ugly. Yeah, yeah. So I just got to the point where I realized like this is my world. This is my social world. It's the art form that I like to watch that I wanna be around. I'm never going to be the kind of person. It's like, well, sure, I love you. So I'll just stop going to see. That's because you even going to see it. You don't even on stage, you're producing it. You're hung. It happened. I'm just going to watch show. You're not even the one talking about your period onstage like fucking other guys on stage, I mean, imagine yeah. And then imagine like when when I haven't had a chance to date anyone with three thousand episodes about me under my belt, I can't. I don't so look. Wish. I mean, I don't know. It's. I tried various things like then I tried dating people who were comedy fans, right? Even fucking worse because coming fans, they're like fans of the comics that they like they're not fans of comedy understanding. So every time I would go on a date with the comedy fan. It's literally a competition about well, do you like this person? Do you like this person? Why don't you like this person? But did you hear this when they were on what the fuck, but did you hear when they were just like, damn dude, this sucks. Like I don't wanna have a date like this where we're just me trying to convince you that there are other comics, Louis c. k. and I, it's just fucking terrible. So that's out. So I thought about it and, and I'm trying to figure out how to the people I know because not just because it would be right for me because we would fit into each other's life and you would understand why I want to be at a show late and why I think this rape joke is funny or whatever. Weird platform..

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