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Really wasn't expecting it. Mattie Cutler looks more like he potentially was expecting that feedback. And then she gets voted off which I don't think she was. Voted off in week. One bad I feel like that's a tough hand bit. She definitely wasn't very good at it and cheat if money didn't enjoy being not very good at it. That's some sums up. The challenge I've seen it with a lot of other people John McEnroe's jokes. When I play Music Live Music Guitar it ruins, good elbows at tennis. I in my mind I'm greater this because that's what I WANNA BE I. WanNa be great at everything that I. do just like I was at tennis when he wasn't even rubbish. Say to him. You know just just leave the music to me, Chon? The rocks ing. He's going to set list of three songs as One of them's Gloria as. Its glory days it satisfaction, and it's Johnny be good. Yeah? Yeah. honky tall occas-, occasionally Honky tonk woman. If. He's having a real like rolling stones. But anyway. Somebody wants. Is John McCain or any good at music and I heard somebody say he's in. He doesn't as into these. Comments. Give become dancing to the really bad ones, yeah! She still the youngest open Air Wimbledon champion. Is that likely to remain? The took him about Martina Hingis now not John McEnroe Is that likely to remain the case full the foreseeable future? Yes old coca Gulf. The is. There wasn't a pandemic around she's. Had to win it this year kickoff to I. Don't think that was impossible for coca golf to win a slam this year. I. Bet On it, but I think she was improving at such a rate at the end of last year. I think it's possible. and. She lost to the eventual champion in Australia this year and pushed her to three cents But, no I think all the trends going away from. Youngest ever records being broken the ones that are being broken oldest ever at the moment. I think they would have to be like. We were talking about with Boris Becker. There's going to have to be some massive. Switch in in tennis for these youngest ever records to be broken yet. Lottie DOD is the only. The only younger women champion, but that was that was in the nineteenth. Century! And somebody younger than twelve Windsor Genius Flom then. I want to be here to see it. Because just that's ridiculous. You've got to be a teenager at least making us feel bad. So. That's Martina Hingis the youngest ever Wimbledon champion in the era and Likely to. To. Hold that record for for a long time to come, it's. It's an unorthodox career. She had an. It's kind of difficult was going to ask you to. To to some per legacy or to sum up by both, remember her, but I think that's potentially almost impossible. Because as you say, she doesn't quite fit. Into a category, So said let's just remember her for her SAS. And leave it at that which leaves me only other than saying hello to Gerald a lovely lovely mascot cat. To us about where we're heading tomorrow, we are going to two thousand one tomorrow the first of two matches we're doing from two thousand and one over the next couple of shows and into the fourth round of the men's tournament. Pete, Sampras is the. Reigning champion the full time defending champion, and he plays Roach Ephedra in the fourth round, and that be the only ever meeting between those two greats. And it's not the nineties, but David still looks like he's about to explode with unanticipated election. So pumped. Can we watch it now. He. Can I mean again have some lunch, thanks, company and FIA Chitchat and thank you for listening and we'll see tomorrow..

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