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Whoo i notice i should know is tony bennett only been i got it green jobs on ru an was goods on kidney bride copper cathodes in wall remit brown for packages fouled out with three him so you were my were biscuit fell in the morning good morning 745 a elaine afraid is that just one of the most intelligent young gals at a now it just europe neurologist boardcertified neurologists clinical douro physiologist specializing in infection induced autoimmune disorders for a hypochondriac a for a father of five children i it's so great to keep your close away painter getting up in the morning i know you get your either patients waiting as we speak so thank you for coming in good morning i'm happy to be m and we're running a little late but you great that he came when you look good and we're talking about everything so you can't really can can we say you're going away from the politics are we going away for now will miss you at the new year's eve bash than a reference i am can if you call them while not going on you guys aren't going here going it will be a better dating artfully iowa you'll want to do what would have brig laker the kind of on oh like a karaoke economic thing may be wouldn't that be for that would be greater because i'm always doing the entertaining so the last time become a kind of morphed into that dinner pay now we do we still rock and roll through the civilian something to think about but we're msrb enable masya and was taken abacha so dr the flu shot can i start their nene got similar political things i wanna ask you about if i can i take the to shut every october have to take the flu shot i got.

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