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Five the lines are open and let's get to Brenda Brenda welcome hello I have a problem that involves the my okay okay it's a Florida alley opera room over the garage and I had money in there so I wanted to save the money so I went and ran it a change that you put in your letter and then they might go and you can't like you need to find out if you will okay well it didn't work because the mind must have been very very not because they would go and then they really clean that matter to you there can you log in the peanut butter but they never they never went to the door J. yeah I did read about a month and then I finally had to get an exterminator to and out of the mice okay that thank you and later I met a kid now when I was in the remnants and odors so I opened up the attic and went in there and there's a really bad odor and I don't know if I have a dead now I would say more pardon me I would think so or if I have I don't know there's little you know the little things that they lay on the floor they could be but my guess is since you were having a mouse issue to begin with and I don't know what that exterminator used was it traps was a debate that we can kind of power and the mouth of the page thank yes sat and go outside and not in maybe he didn't make it outside that's right that's my guess of what happened okay so you can call your exterminator back up or you can wait three or four days in that over all go away at well live it it'll decompose into won't smell anymore okay so you don't think that they're dropping them the my thing so I I really don't think so I mean if there is a pretty strong I mean did smell like a dead animal I don't know a dental implant line your manager Mel Edgar now I don't now yeah well I I I don't know who either brand I'm not there I'm just taking a guess and based on what you're telling me I'm going to guess it's a mouse could it be the droppings I guess it could be but I'm gonna guess it's a dead mouse and somebody can get up there and remove that debt Balce or a venture legal night it'll decompose and that'll be the end of that story Adam so your call whatever you want to do with the one thing I want to add to that is you know once a mouse gets in your house it it's a funny thing that other mice will will follow so do you have any idea where the hell they were gaining entry into that area no and they had to come from outside because I am a German name plate out of my house sure so underneath the siding word hits the foundation or the facio board works up by the gutters I mean they can get in through areas like that some time putting in you know copper rule and stuff like that will you know discourage them there's different products like mouse magic which is a in essential oil of peppermint spearmint there's packets of its in mass magic that you can put in the attic where it's just a terrorism they don't like that smell that suited potentially another thing you can add but you know if you had a one time you probably don't give him again unless that exterminator told you otherwise okay well I guess I'll have it I just thought maybe there was something I can I don't know just something I can translate well there's always room I mean I can still use spray that'll take care of it there's a product called odor exit eliminator yeah you have to spray it on to the source so in a little lemonade to smell I mean it'll get the job done in organic smells like a mouse feces or a dead mouse or anything like that if you spray it on their it'll eliminate smell yeah well where do I get it well by the time you get up there and spread you could probably eliminate the mouse tubes up you can get that into some of the ace hardware and do it best hardware says called odor exit eliminator L. L. R. E. act I he O. D. O. R. X. I. D. eleven a that mmhm okay all right well then I'll try that and I on the call today that made it back because they said that it would be guaranteed so I will call them back all right very good thank you so much for your help all right friendlier thank you you're welcome bye bye bye sounds to me like the exterminator dues job since but sometimes if you do maybe that mouse didn't get outside and it died up there and that would be my guess when you get a animals in fact when we had was a couple weeks ago in fact if you want to pick up the podcast and listen robin Ron Krueger from a one pest control A. one wildlife control there is a podcast and we talked about animals that get in your attic and the precautions you need to take and how they get in it is creepy scary and like so many homers we just think we're just going to go up and get rid of them and you you don't know the animal will like some of these people that remove them professionally and you don't realize the amount of disease or sickness you can get from their droppings be careful it's it's not cheap but you really don't know what you're doing and again it comes to just a couple tips I remember from that interview but you can again pick that podcast up but if you look up in the gutter area and look where the corners of the soffits fascia board where there might heard and see if there's some separation of those scenes and if there is hawking row repairing filling anything like that is going to be key and I'm not talking about talking with expandable foam will scratch it out like there's no tomorrow but a good acrylic US silicon nice clock can be ideal and one of my notes today was the squeeze cocking no no no no no you know if you're gonna use some caulking maybe the squeeze cocking for where we just spoke of that that could be fine but if you got cocking between windows and bricks are siding and windows and you want to get up there and put a bead of caulking in and you're like oh I don't want to get the gun and that gun caulking gun scares me and I'll never get out just get to squeeze tube of caulk no no no no no because to get a good bead of caulking what you need is consistent pressure on the tube as you pull down or crawl down the bead of caulking with the gun in you got those notches you're getting a good steady trump of cooking in your drawing down at a good consistent pace and you can tell when that triggers just about out you let up you start another beat with a roll up to book talking you're so you're never gonna get a consistent.

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