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If I need help on, Tiki wearing, on that to last one, for me DeMarcus? Does it feel like, a fresh start a reset for the club after last year in the, tough season You know we paid up on a lot of things and the attitude? At practice you know The, way you know, the speed and everything is flat out just. Flying around you know. Is is, is you know we have this on the this year DaMarcus thanks for, your time Thank, you and good luck this guy's God bless all right DaMarcus Walker. Defensive end for. The Denver Broncos who yeah he just said he weighs two eighty holy crap. Not. Fat on no he's He is put. Together man he he's. Amazing and. You know what I again somewhat of a question? Mark. How much can he contribute but he. Was a. Second round pick. For, yeah Yeah and in fairness. To DeMarcus Walker. When Shane Ray got. Hurt in the preseason like day one or two of training camp last year they. Moved him to outside backer he could and it never worked it never fit it never felt right and then he had. Lost too much weight to go back to. Align last year he's. Where he, belongs is it would not surprise. Me if he makes a major contribution, this year and to. His credit you go where they want. You to play he took it on. He, says. I'll do what I, gotta do even if it's not my, natural, position, I'm uncomfortable. With it I have to change, my body type he was, willing to take that on? Well yeah and and you know he's not? As Going, to say no Ego and pride. With these young men and so so for the did he did it to do whatever. It takes to help the team. Is a big deal you say it's cliche has a gleam in his eye that? You're, going to say yeah he probably feels pretty good. About? Where. He's at right, yeah and I mean, he these guys look we talk about training camp and maybe it isn't the grind in terms of today's in full pads every practice that. It used to be but these guys want to be out there and especially the young guys because you can't, as the saying goes you can't make the. Club. In the tub yeah when you're nursing injury. Or what have you, and so I mean, you look right now one of the first guys out here on the. Practice field is rookie, DeShaun Hamilton and there's there's another another Bronco I can't pick up his number Emmanuel Sanders talked. About it yesterday they've got rookies. Who understand what it means to be rookies not only in terms of carrying the? Helmets, in you know for the veterans but also in. Terms? Of. You know wanting to contribute and knowing, what they have to do to study to work to grind in order to be in the position to contribute this year I think that's. A a leadership culture starts from the top down retired about John Elway Joe Ellis but then you look at, the leaders on offense and on defense and. Guys. You wanna win this is what it takes. It's not always easy, it's not always as, they like to say sexy but it's effective if you do it you're gonna have, success doing, it and it also. Speaks to the draft philosophy yeah The Broncos I. Think every guy they drafted I'd have to go back and look most of them. Were multiple year starters in. College and most if not all of them were team cap yes again that doesn't guarantee anything in the NFL but it does help to maximize the chances. Of those guys you know. Being able to realize the talent that they have at the next level I think that's sometimes called intangibles if, they bring, those to the, war and and again I, mean look, the last year's draft class in large part was amiss in many many ways and that's not a secret that's not downgrading those guys but I think. If the Broncos can reverse that and get four or five guys from this draft class, this year, to be role players or somewhat significant contributors are better this team is going, to be a. Whole lot better than it. Was last year just. On that factor alone we're live here at training, camp at the. UC health training center, where the Broncos getting ready for, their third practice here and a.

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