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Like the american people will stop him by voting for hilary clinton which look i guess you can claim that i don't believe that for a fuck and second but i think as i've heard some other people argue you could say well he's just like showing off you know for for his check so that's all that it's like okay fine fine take that attitude let's say someone was investigating you let's say you were under indictment and somebody's leading the investigation and there couple days into the investigation and they're just caught in their personal messages like thuc that guy thought that guy i hope what he's going for right now gets ruined i hope you get stucked you don't see that as kind of a problem really this is by the way this is what's so wonderful about this entire episode is that it just reveals what us libertarians have been saying forever which is that the idea that there are these like there's the state over here and the people who occupy the state they're not like me and you man they don't just care about self interest and profits that's the private sector but over here in the state you got these guys really just care about the public good it's like now man they're people just like me and you and they're influenced by by that same you know by the same type of bias that the rest of us are and here you have a guy who was in charge of the clinton and the trump or and the russia investigation who fucking has it out for donald trump and he's not even keeping an open mind like well let's start interviewing people let's see what's going on it's just like straight up fuck this guy while you have an active investigation going on pretty crazy let's keep playing mr gowdy as i've stated that text was written late at night in shorthand i don't care i don't care whether working all hand cursive i don't care about any of that i want to know what it meant aged struck it would be his candidacy for the president whatnot my since that the american would not vote him into office right right well we had gotten to the wheel yet well the the duck so we'll see american people is that right that's your testimony the will stop it you were speaking on behalf of the american people that correct mr gatty what my testimony is and what i said during extensive asking this question during my prior interview is i don't recall writing that text not deny the text what i can tell you is that text in no way suggested that i are the fbi would take any action to influence the candidate's agent agent that fantastic answer to a question nobody at michigan is be permitted to answer host included at the you'll be given do that will you look forward to that i've never seen this before where they gotta do like a call to the bullpen to establish rules yeah it's getting pretty heated yeah so your testimony his time is fly by the way even it's a good point that you make but isn't it kind of amazing and this is what fucking schillt's like all of these like you know members of congress are but you're you're sitting there and you have a guy from from the fbi sang at the fbi told me to not give you that information congress and they're more pissed off that tray gouty is pressing him right and they are that they're not getting this information it's like we're here to find out if they have corrupt that's not that's not yeah that's not good if the head of the fbi's telling you can't answer this i i love that game with like the being out of time because if you're actually better at like playing this game on like the guys being questioned side you just ignore in ramble more and giant play out the clock as much as you can which is what they do what they do know you know like yeah he's just basically oh that first question i won't answer and the second one i'm gonna daij game context and 'blabla and he's like i don't give shit straight up context and 'blabla yeah yeah all right let's just play the.

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