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This is driven out to deep left field. Back on. It is Winker at the track. We are tied PCO Garcia with his 12th home run of the year, and the Brewers have tied it at one here on the top of the fourth, just the second pitch delivered. I do little in this game. The bruise remain the hottest team in baseball with a 521 win over the Reds. They've won five in a row and 10 of their last 11. Pitching continues to perform at a high level while the hitting has gotten progressively better. The beginning, the season was a little rough, but last couple weeks have been a lot better. Still, some work to do overall. But offensively, we're in a lot better spot now than we were a couple weeks ago. Third baseman Travis Shaw. The team has averaged five runs over their last 11 games after averaging just 3.5 during the 1st 49 games map. Holly WTMJ Sports Brewers look to continue their winning ways. Tonight. Coverage of Game Two of that series here on WTMJ starts at 5, 35. And, finally, basketball. The Bucks need to make some changes in order to get a different result against Brooklyn in Game three. ESPN's Brian Wind horse says those changes have to come on one side of the floor. In particular they have Got to get their act together on often, and they had no plan. No execution, And you know the Nets. You gotta give him credit. This is a team that is soft in the middle. You should be able to have a parade to the basket on them. In fact, the Bucks did have afraid to the basket for most of Game one, and they went away from that yesterday. Game three tips off tomorrow night here in Milwaukee coverage going to start at six on WTMJ. Now elsewhere in the NBA. Denver is Nicola Jokic is your 2021 M v p. He becomes the lowest drafted player ever to win the M V P awards selected in the second round 41st. Overall, this was funny Gene there were actually videos going around of his draft selection on TV in the sense Around. They don't show every pick. They don't show the commissioner of the Deputy Commissioner Reding every pick. So Nicola Yokich was actually selected during a Taco Bell commercial during the NBA draft a couple of years back Now he's the MVP of the league. The two people that used to hold the distinction of lowest drafted player to win M v P were Yannis and Steve Nash. Ironically, facing off Nash is the Brooklyn Nets head coach Now, Yannis obviously Playing for the Bucks enough for what it's worth. The honest did finish fourth in M V P. Voting this year. 6 48 at WTMJ start planning for your.

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