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Was rooting for them. Maybe I picked them in my pixel, but oh, I had dak and fantasy, too. I just don't have a lot of confidence watching him. That he's like, are we sure he's the same guy since the broken ankle? Like, do you feel like he's the same guy? Like, I don't feel like sows complaining about how he doesn't move around the same way. I kind of feel the same way. I felt like he was a better athlete than he's shown since that ankle injury. Yeah, that wasn't that wasn't a great fourth quarter for them as a team. So at Micah Parsons, who I was like, it could be the MVP. He was invisible too. So he's hurt though, isn't he? Yeah, he's not healthy anymore. So I think she's been a factor for them too. So I don't know, I just feel like this is a three point game. I don't know who's going to win, but 7 and a half points in Minnesota. If I can fans love this team, that was the Jefferson catch. That was an iconic potentially. I usually try to not to catch it with might have been or I think it's the most significant regular season catch I've ever seen. It was fourth and 18. It was. And it was so improbable. And then, you know, you and I talk about it. If you got your friend, Jeff Gallo, I want to say his name is? Yeah. I remember it from all the Greg Joseph misses. But like I have ten of those in my life, Vikings fans. And they always lose that game. Yeah. And that doesn't happen to them. And the bills and the snap with Allen, like 99 of a hundred times, it doesn't happen. And if it does happen, it doesn't happen against the Vikings. That's not the team that gets the benefit of that. And even after that, Josh Allen leads him right down the field and they tie it up with the Tyler bass field goal and then custom test to do it again. And I just think it's different. I think it's different and I think this fan base as tortured as they are and it's much scar tissue as they have like they're going to welcome that team on Sunday with such open arms and I think that place is going to be raucous on Sunday. I think the Vikings win. We saw this game week one

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