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Nba finals how many times has a possession ended with a shopping made the comes at the end of a shock clock or in spite of what a team does defensively that the other team is helpless against at some point you need an answer at some point you have to you do have to figure out a way to outscore them at some point i don't care if you have a land stevenson blowing in people's ear i don't care if you have rage on rondo agitating people and stopping people on the on the perimeter i don't care if you have those younger guys buying into a new defensive minded culture i don't care if you do have an element of toughness i don't care what lebron james does at some point the totality of what the golden state warriors do offense only catches up to you and so if you're rob pelinka you know you can go down one path which is you know we're going to build a team like the one lebron had in cleveland that didn't work it didn't work against the k d lead golden state warriors in seventeen or eighteen and so we've tried that at the same time you can load up on guys who defense who play great defense you can you could do you could do the exact opposite you can build a tough minded team you can get guys who have playoff experience which i think was important given the fact that none of these other guys lebron's playing with have any at the same time the question is and i don't think you have the answer to it i know i don't have the answer to it in the most importantly i don't think the la lakers as currently constructed i don't think they have the answer to it what happens when despite your best efforts on defense golden state stole scores because you and i both know we've seen it against a bunch of teams in the west we've seen it against the cleveland cavaliers back to back years and specifically we saw two years ago when the cavaliers at times did whatever they want on offense and yet still the golden state warriors stood no chance of losing that series what happens when no matter what you do on defense kevin durant making shots or steph curry is making shots or they're hitting klay thompson or they're getting whatever they want the pick and roll because no matter what teams do to defend them at some point golden state still figures that how to score and you have to figure out how to match and the los angeles lakers despite having lebron james do not have the weapons to match espn radio presented by progressive home insurance getting quotas easier than ever still ahead.

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