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As the Saudi government from a crime such as this which occurred in the Saudi embassy in Turkey causing Helena Kennedy an attorney in Britain to ask how did this happen in an embassy turning to the weather in the northern mountain states now just days after summer ended correspondent corner Evans is watching a winner like scene in Montana I have never seen a September snow like this National Weather Service meteorologist don Britain has lived in Great Falls for more than forty years and he says this storm is a record. but that one set back in nineteen thirty four that was broken that was a three day record of over thirteen inches of snow we've already had over fourteen inches of snow in just two days so that record is pretty much obliterated and in addition to Montana parts of our whole Washington Wyoming Utah Oregon Nevada and California also getting or we'll get some white scarf perhaps not living up to its name fashion retailer forever twenty one has filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection joining a growing list of big stores facing tough times due to online commerce what hoping to hang in there ever twenty one is definitely trying to protect its assets the is the forever twenty one is stupidly ordered ahead so they have mostly inventory they need for holiday reading alone was bird flick injured this is CBS news. did you know you can listen to CBS news radio twenty four hours a day seven days a week on radio dot com or the radio dot com that. is this a flex over so many people say that small businesses are the backbone of the economy it is true ever stop to think about the type of small business.

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