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I was like, yeah, I'll take my chances on Boston. So much those it's a it's a time for reassessment for management for the coaching staff. Like what is Evan Turner doing? Is he having any type of impact in this coping staff? Like we don't know. We don't know we don't get to see we don't get go to practice. Unfortunately because the pandemic but it's a lot of birth. To issue with this thing. It's it's one of the weirdest seasons and it's been you know, obviously roller coaster ride for Boston and you know, there's there's certain, you know, slices of blame pot pie to go around I'm with you Danny I think deserves motion. I think there are times where you can you can definitely blame Brad for some stuff, you know, he's on out there shooting the basketball I can only do so much. You know, I always come back to this is more of a roster issue than anything else. And as you look around in my my issue is, you know, because of those those playing spots you have more people now that are incentivised to try and wage playoffs. I give the Sacramento Kings who have Harrison Barnes and I think Harrison Barnes everybody's favorite person did to fantasize trading for now, that would be a real help for this game cuz you could put the ball in the floor wage give the basket and do more things to just stand in the corner, you know, so you look at the way this team could maybe improve there are ways, but then there are You know in Sacramento going to try and make the playoffs, you know is Chicago, you know with with you know, maybe a fan too young but they're they're hanging around. In fact beans and All Star want to show Zack who's got a better record Celtic site. So so what would be a seller? That's right. My father in New York and Charlotte are all above like this is really been terrible. If you really think about it like the Bulls are like the Bulls like the subjects went to Chicago and just kind of one pulled away. Now, the Bulls have won five straight. The Bulls are playing good bought like you're right Evan life. I'm looking at Sacramento is three back from the temp spot. Okay. It's going to be a war for that Tim spot, Oklahoma City. Do you think oh, they're sellers right there 2 and 1/2 back for that ten 6:42 last night. Yeah, forty-two. Houston is 3 and 1/2 at the only team that you're like they ain't got a shot. It's Minnesota because they're Minnesota's 9 back from they're not they're not getting to the tents. Okay, you look at the the Tim spot now in the East the Detroit. Holy six pack of their terrible Washington is off half-back white Orlando's to back..

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