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I don't care if you're or seventy five I still oh God because that's coming out of uh-huh purple now. What sounded wet? There's no way you're you've got fifty seven. I went down and I went home with Dave. I swear to God about a month and I just went to the white man. I didn't question. They've made a mistake. Got There about a week later again. My Aso's a little bird in the fuck I go back to a little fucking. Would he Komo like a milk. Dud All loud so yeah. I got a little book that it's like I'm losing the people. But he's got to wear a diaper like two months away from wearing a diaper semester. We'll have some fun shipley bands. He got a impaired driving to throw out the window. You can even do that now because they check your twenty three there you are at home jerking off watching TV and the cops club would get baggy. What you fucking beyond these on and now listen? We've found your fucking sperm and by the way you're not Mexican Gabriel Iglesias. Thank you anything you want to tell Dallas. What season date anything they haven't given any information? What's today with his tour The name of the tourist beyond the fluffy fuck it fucking. God bless fluffy. It's been honored and all you fucking twenty years. I've seen raise up front of me. I'm an old man. I'm fifty seven next it's Wednesday. Wow happy birthday. Wow happy. Birthday is nice present for myself. Fuck Gary let's check them drawers. Check those talking potato tacos and they fucked and Jo Malone is probably the more the other kids will wait to get at the hands on. Thank you very much coming on guys. We love you brother all right. Don't forget you dirty mother fuckers. They add an extra show in Tempe on Thursday night. Ten fifteen and on the twenty seventh and twenty eighth of February I'll be treasury rallying Las Vegas check the fucking schedule schedule. I think the twenty eighth before we leave. I said this is brought to you by butcher box. I am in love with this. What's the best night of the week state night followed by my Momma? Let me get a little sniffle little with listen to me. This meat is fucking tremendous like I said the vacuum seal it delivered right Theodore. It's fresh fresh. Whether you get the salmon the stakes I mean they sent ground beef..

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