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Direct game saints one thing remains the best kept. Cbc You went platinum with a game. Okay complain I just had a dinner with Mr and Mrs Trig okay pretty good if fine fine people a little tall for my liking? Both just like six eight hundred. What the hell. When I met her she was five. Eleven by forced her to grow or get out. I just told her to grow. She made her choice. He said the first time they went on a date. He he got her A whole box full of Georgia gear and said he'd be a with it or out of here. I retire remove appears. There's a work that well. Yes so far so good Chicago cold. It was good. That sounds like it's good Boston. Not Not as cold. I don't think couldn't have been. They don't make it colder than possible. Not a flippable. I was the the the non deep dish pies by was the deepest I've ever seen. Do you have any non deep dish though? I know that's what you went there in search of I got a anonymous name with alita. Elida leader a leader yet. She told me to try a place called P. Quad. I was like. I don't want a deep Soup he was like it's deep dish but it's not soup. I was like I feel like you're lying. He didn't lie so I ordered it. So I've got a processor. They was very good. The heaviest ever picked up by Alexander that it's just when I wish he would have worn me. I was like what the Guy Hands Your Pie. Grab a one hand. It almost added. Break your wrist playing off. I was legit like what? What's in here by going at the wrong thing? They also they don't cut it which I like keeps everything in place so Danica that makes oh. I'm sure yeah. Yeah can't grab that. That box got a murder scene. If they cut that so I I get. It was like wrapped in foil of the box was tucked out of box very professional setup. Yeah I got a medium. I don't know why I was thinking like a medium no medium and it was basically fourteen fees. I did my best with it was a lot of deep dish. Gupo yeah that picture was it looked astounding fries. I can hold a camera after like whole Dan and cutting and carrying it up to my room Rosa. Well there's a way yeah I'll just eat it like on the floor. There will all the all the stars were out. Luga Dodge said The person he was most star struck by was Cardi B. How about how about you? Who got you off Guard to one. I was getting on the elevator at the hotel. There's just like a group of people there get on you. Say what's up a say what's up. I'm on my phone probably tweeting. Some ORB Going up and one of the guys in the back starts talking to might look vomit. Mike I know that voice. He keeps talking. They're walking out and he's in the very back. It's Alan Iverson should have known because I barely hear like over the sound of his jewelry. Clanking together that's I think. That's like the jewelry honestly made me look up from my phone and I was like man. You know that Jingle it was Alan Iverson was. Have you got squashed their beef after after out too now now from the looks at that he saw me before. I saw him so if he wanted to continue it he could so not the fire still burning on this as because safe Harry hostile going. He was waiting to see what you were going to do. Now is a couldn't be bothered even eye contact with the man. It was a weekend up. Piece is a treaty. This like all star game. That's we don't Easy me out Lennon. Walkout acuity where that's my ass attic. Ut No not this time now next time hard to say nuys on my in Toboggan. Who's number two number two.

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