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All right let's continue sir down junior's looking want no never do it dylann are junior is talking workouts smack toward his teammate jimmy johnson over the holiday break dale brag about bicycling sixty miles to johnson's goose egg zero nada zilch junior said quote but i got a report in and i did the most jimmy johnson to work workout beast that he is did nothing end quote so dale junior sixty jimmy johnson zero go seat on her junior his beat jimmy johnson that something carry there's one thing not even nascar related erasing related but okay if you guys have to hang your hat on something so this was earth shattering news kinda three time formula one world champion lewis hamilton know him lewis hamilton lewis hamilton you don't him right i not personally but yes i've heard of him you've seen him you know of him he's pretty awesome he's pretty good away does he said he would like to race in the in the daytona five hundred day saying that probably a nascar race like the daytona five hundred maybe so hamilton has driven a cup series car you remember that i do i do that was pretty cool to now back in twenty eleven he did a ride swap at walk ins when with tony stewart vault people if i recall he did pretty well with that too he was turning some pretty fast laps i believe it was kinda soggy conditions that day but yup yup embryo awesome big old stock stockcar with with no electronics onboard helping him out and he's still got skills that was pretty cool yep.

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